Whats wrong with the Theosophical Movement?

During a couple of occasions I called already attention to a big deficit of todays Theosophical Movement.
Theosophical Movement - Work in progress...

What's wrong, do we follow the right path? This distortion of a theosophical symbol was originated with a heavy heart and the article itself is not about a TS or individuals, it's about the Theosophical Movement generally.

In many places within the original modern theosophical teachings it becomes obviously, that "ethics [of Buddha] are the soul of the Wisdom-Religion.." and - I quote Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky again - "Theosophy has to inculcate ethics".1) As important as that, it's another primary job of modern Theosophy, to enlighten people about the falseness of the "struggle of live" - today also known as the "law of the strongest", at least, if we give credit to Madame Blavatsky.2)

Holy world-saviors as f.e. Buddha or Jesus, or admired world-wise men, like Sokrates or Plato, no matter how their names or times were, all of them, as we know, taught basically the same: the high ideals and moral values, which are absolutely necessary, for a harmonious life or in other words: They taught the eternal laws of moral, called the virtues. It's more than evident, that this is also the logical consequence of the theosophical teachings at all and is often mentioned within the teachings.

Selflessness, charity or brotherly love, mercy or compassion are such moral values or virtues and essential parts of every true ethics. And was it not clear enough explained in the second volume of the "Secret Doctrine" what happened with a society abusing sexual unification for sensual pleasures and not using it only for natural purpose, i.e. only for physical reproduction? So what's with relinquishment, f.e. on luxury-food? What's with forgiveness, f.e. to our enemies? Or what's with honesty, courage, thankfulness, tidiness, cleanliness, helpfulness and all the other virtues? And what's with the quality above all of them, the reason and common sense?

The ancient philosophers considered the spiritual principle often as a summary of all virtues and reason in its highest perfection and are we not gifted with reason because of our higher spiritual principle (in the sense of soul or higher principles)? Should we not reach that in our daily live, maximal reason and common sense, a destination that can only be reached on the way of virtues? And what's a Doctrine without practical usage? To live Theosophy means nothing else than living maximal reason based on virtues, improving the own character day by day and overcoming the lower pleasures to more spirituality, to act as example and to teach Theosophy with and not without it's heart - the moral values, virtues or ethics.

And please think also about the following: If all people live virtuous, the brotherhood of mankind is automatically fulfilled! But there will never be a brotherhood of mankind, if brothers and sisters of mankind do not live virtuously. Furthermore, do we not all remember the distinction in Theosophists and true Theosophists, that belong to this issue, discussed and explained from H.B.P. in her Book "The Key to Theosophy"? She wrote, true theosophists are only those, which live the ambitious theosophical ethics day by day.3)

And now I ask again: Why plays the education to a virtuous live, the ethics and moral values such a poor role within the todays Theosophical Movement? Where are the books, lectures, articles and discussions, which are about the reasons why a virtuous life is so important for individuals and also a whole society and about the unalterable realization, that only, if we live Theosophy, we can reach the theosophical goals in order to take a turn to the better way individually and all together and not least to become only in this way true Theosophists?  

"Ethics are the soul of the Wisdom-Religion... Theosophy has to inculcate ethics...a true Theosophist must put in practice the loftiest moral ideal" wrote HPB in "The Key to Theosophy". Is it unimportant? Was she wrong?

What prevents us to do so? Why do we went so far astray in that matter? Do we have newly to chum up everyone to be satisfied? Is it, because that we believe, we are a priori immortal beings, no matter whether we live a reasonable or unreasonable live, as well the dogmatically interpretation of the sin offering of the church, which among others is responsible for the fatally state of the so called civilized western society? Is it fear in face of our own weakness? Ignorance? What?

How can it be possible, that such a important goal of the Theosophical Movement, the reason why we get the theosophical teachings at all, is almost complete ignored? Inglorious reality, it's unbelievable, isn't it?

But not the why is important. important is, that we change this weird situation. We are prompted, to get the red thread of Theosophy back, to do, what we should do, to teach justified the virtues, based on the theosophical doctrine and why it is important to live daily ethics and moral values, individually and all together.

And all this runs out to the same insight, the main task of the theosophical movement and that is to lead a highly necessary and profound revolution of moral values and ethics in order to help suffering mankind and to return to the path of light, love and live in face of the upcoming new and more spiritual "age" of Aquarius.4)

Let's start today, with ourself and let's serve also this basic need of Theosophy, if you call yourself a Theosophist!

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If you have questions or if you need help with that, don't hesitate to give me a note. I gained experience with my website, that contains a huge section about virtues (currently only in german) in relation to the theosophical teachings. A little help for that you can find in my short article:



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