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steven otto Dear friends of Theosophy,

I want to say thank you to all, that reply by reason of my last newsletter and the question "To be or not to be". It helped me a lot to understand some important points. It is as I said, more than 80% of Theosophists today think, that they as the are a priori immortal spiritual beeings. It's not my view, but a view, that all of the different Traditions united.

This issue has again a section with news about Theosophy from outside the Movement, sometimes good news, but sometimes not. So the topic of the quarter deals more with the latter, because ones more a new "campaign" was started against Theosophy, with horrible lies an with a not to underrate impact, see below.

And now I wish you an interesting reading and a peaceful autumn.

With kind regards from Germany

Steven Otto
Editor of Theosophy World News

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There are eight sections:


The New York Times spread Fake-News (see the fourth paragraph "The Nazis’ Occult Obsession") in an article that stated, that the "racial ideology" of hitler grew up from "astrology, theosophy, parapsychology and other border science", a big lie, that even in serious historical science became meanwhile an obsolet mistake, or at least, should be. Its all about a new book from Eric Kurlander ("accidentally" he got a Wiki-Entry a few month ago, there titled as an "expert", expert of fake news?) named Hitler’s Monsters: A Supernatural History of the Third Reich and you can read other articles, with the same false allegations regarding to this book in RawStory, Slate, The Catholic Herald and The National Review etc.

For example in the last article we can read:

Joerg Lanz von Liebenfels and Guido von List [both raccists, founder/supporter of a crude world view named Ariosophy] led Blavatsky’s Theosophical Society in Germany [verry wrong, never they lead this], where Lanz published Hitler’s favorite magazine “Ostara,” [also wrong, Hitler contemned an "occult" worldview and particular the world view of both] and later (with List) the Theosophical magazine “Lucifer”. [also verry wrong, a big lie, never they published this magazine]. Lanz was “The Man Who Gave Hitler His Ideas” (according to Austrian psychologist Wilfried Daim in his 1957 book of that title) and flew a swastika flag above his castle in Bavaria in 1907, a dozen years before the Nazi Party was even founded [may also with no evidence, verry wrong and terrible].
This is a Professor of History? Unbelievable! We all should not forget, that the Third Reich was a catholic and not an occult state (all "occult" societies were forbidden in the Third Reich) and that we can find therefore in both system, the nazi and the catholic one (and its split offs, at least in history) antisemitism, slavish obedience, kill of innocent people etc., but never in Theosophy.
A. Roy Eckardt (leading scholar of Christian-Jewish relations and former chairman emeritus of religion studies at Lehigh University in Bethlehem) has asserted that the foundation of antisemitism and responsibility for the Holocaust lies ultimately in the New Testament.[1], [2]. That's a truth we don't read about, but from such horrific and stupid lies, that the Third Reich was an occult or pagan state and that Theosophy, a doctrin of philanthropy, common sense, unity, was a base of such a contemptible system.

We Theosophists know, where all this allegations to harm Theosophy, Esotericism etc. have its roots. I wrote already here about this and other false allegations.

In the same direction other articles targeting, but now, to connect Theosophy and or the "Occult" (here especial Blavatsky) to Steve Bannon and/or the Alt- or Far-Right in USA, as you can read here, here and here. Whats going on?

Looks like a new campaign against Theosophy and Esoteric started in the New York Times. And what we should do, we should buy and analyze this book from Eric Kurlander, review and vote it down on Amazon and should tell Mr. Kurland ( and that newspapers that spread this fake news, that they are at least with the theosophical point very wrong.

HPB's opinion in such a case is quite clear, she answered to the questions, how can someone help the Society:

Fourthly, by defending the Society from the unjust aspersions cast upon it, by every legitimate device in their power. ("The Key to Theosophy" by H. P. Blavatsky, Section 12)
So we should start together a "counteroffensive" in public media! We should first, after analyzing his book, collect strong scientific (historic) evidence to proof, that this so called Professor of History has done a terrible job, then we should with the power of all TS wrote an open letter to all of this exploited media and also Mr. Kurlander.

What do yout think? How can we in this case defend Theosophy? Or are we to weak and to quarreling? At least the official Societies should act immediately, together and well eliberated. Who can and will help, who has the important contacts? Drope me a line.

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News from Theosophical Societies

ITC published all lectures of this years International Theosophy Conference here. A lot was going on on facebook about it, but I found no other news on websites. See official ITC Website for more. Next International Theosophy Conference 2018 takes places in Berlin, Germany from July 26 - 29, see

The TS (Pasadena) Australasian Section has published its latest Newsletter-Issue with many News from TS Pasadena worldwide and more, read here this September-Issue.

The TS in Australia has published the latest issue of Theosophy in Australia Magazine and its announcenment of its 2018 National Convention in January 2018 and the Campbell Library Newsletter from August 2017.

TS (Adyar) New Zealand announced the date and theme of its National Convention in January 2018 The TOS (USA) published a news about the Po’Shines de la Soul-Project.

TS (Adyar) Philippines published The Pilippine Theosophist No.1 (PDF), some photos from International ST Seminars here and about the next national convention of this TS in Davao City in November 2017 here.

The Singapore Lodge TS has published it regulary newsletter, the the issues here, July, August, September.

The Indo-Pacific Federation (Adyar) announced the TOS Fundraiser Tour to Southern India “Sacred Sights Tour” 05-16 Jan 2018. See more information here (PDF).

TS Point Loma Blavatsky House The Hague published the latest Issue of Lucifer (PDF) and some other news you can read here.

The TS in Europe (Adyar) hosted the 38th European Congress of the TS in Europe Barcelona, Spain from 21 to 26 August, wich was clouded by the "Barcelona attacks" on 17 August with 13 killed and at least 130 injured people. See the gallery and all videos here.

TS (Adyar) in America published three new video-logs of ots president, see here: August, September and October and an announcement for a Theosophical Order of Service Campaign for Kindness

Information about future The School of the Wisdom (TS Adyar) Sessions were published here.

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News from theosophical sites

Theosophy Watch

Blavatsky News

Theosophy Forward

Book of Dzyan Research

Universal Theosophy

I forget a site? Then drope me a line, Thanks. And don't forget to have a look at the current free theosophical magazines on the right sidebar.
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Press Review: Theosophy outside the Movement


The 70th anniversary of Indian Independence cause many articles about Annie Besant, f.e. in Deccan Chronicle, News Nation, The Quint and inUth

Some thoughs from an anonymous scholar about Olcott and "Colombo Buddhist Theosophical Society" you can find at Lankaweb.

An article on about Prof. Ian Stevenson that published the well known book "Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation" in 1966 that was inspired by Theosophy.

In the article How Religion Gave L.A. the Ford Amphitheatre from you can read about the founder ot his Amphitheatre, Christine Wetherill Stevenson, that was also a student of Theosophy.


In the Leader you can read story about Fiona Maher that debunk a fake-foto that claimed to prove the existence of fairies, and supposedly also Theosophist were involved. Here another article about it in The Belfast Telegraph.

An article in about the Bradlaugh Hall mentioned Anny Besant, that was a long-time colleague of Mr. Charles Bradlaugh, a British radical and atheist.

The Jewish Journal mentioned Theosophy in an article named Dating 101: Soulmates.

India Today published an article about Rukmini Devi and mentioded Theosophy in it.


Den Of Geek reported about a new film with Katie Holmes based on the New York Times bestseller book (listed for 190 weeks) "The Secret written by Rhonda Byrne, that is based also on the teachings of Madame Blavatsky. More here.

Patheos published an article about the German-born poet, novelist, and painter Hermann Hesse that was theosophy-inspirated.

The 100st birthday of the Mondrian Movement caused an article about it in the National Catholic Reporter. Also reported about the artist with an 10 facts about Mondrian article and also The Vice.

The villagevoice writes that "abstraction was born in part from symbolism, theosophy, and other means through which minds have pursued transcendence, enlightenment" in an article about the symolism at Guggenheim. Also Financial Times reported.

The Anita Shapolsky Gallery (NY, through Oct. 28) shows works of Jeanne Miles, which was a follower of Theosophy, if we believe ArtFixDaily.

The Moscow Times reported about a concert that will be held in the hall of the Alexander Scriabin house museum,,and therefore also Theosophy was mentioned.

An article about the exhibition Maven of Modernism: Galka Scheyer in California at the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, published at hyperallergic, mentioned Theosophy because of Kandinksy was part of the "Blue Four" that the initioator of this collection, the German Galka Scheyer, has created.

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Theosophical Videos

ITC published all lectures of this years International Theosophy Conference here
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