Theosophy News Worldwide 1st Quarter 2016


steven otto Dear friends of Theosophy,

I've changed a bit the concept of the newsletter, main reason is a lack of time. So everything is like in every issue, except that I shortened the sections by writing more in running text instead of giving each article a big paragraph.

Many articles, Magazines (see on the right side) and news were published. It was written (respectively only as one example) about Science, Ethics, Unity, of course Theosophy etc., everything fine, but in default of an outstanding "Theme of the quarter" allow me to announce something important in my own case:

In the past eight years I worked on a book, a summary of The Secret Doctrine to provide an easy introduction to the teachings (enriched with references to the current state of science related to the teachings). Nothing special so far aside the fact, that it is neither easy to understand nor to summaries (into 200 pages). But during the years it become surprisingly more than that (in quality not quantity).

Everyone who read the The Secret Doctrine knows that 1) it's stated that are half-hidden esoteric mysteries in the teachings and that 2) a esoteric tenfold system is one of it. And what shall I say, while I try hard to understand the teachings (especial the beginning of the Cosmogenesis) examine it in detail and read it again and again, I stumbled about some half-hidden hints and over the years a tenfold system based on the original teachings, logic and common sense was developed.

This tenfold system, which is now more unveiled, for me like a revelation, denies not the sevenfold system. From a special point of view f.e. a fourfold system can be true beside a sevenfold system and so it is with this tenfold one. But there are (beside others) some very important differences, if it comes to the ethical implications of the system.

I published the book in a printed first edition as a "beta version" in German, mostly to give it to family and friends, also into the Theosophical Movement. I sell it to cost price of 12 EUR (not official, means f.e. through amazon etc., drop me a line if you're interested in). It's a beta (or yet unfinished) version, because I want also the feedback from the Movement.
And of course I've to translate it into English. The plan is, to translate every week round about two pages of the book and publish it here in my blog within a book (mostly on sunday). After two years, you know the book, I have on the one hand a rudimentary base for a professional translation and on the other hand some Feedback from the Movement about the "new" aspects of the teachings that I can incorporate.

So I started already with the first pages of the book, the beginning of the preface (please overlook my poor English). You can comment without to be logged in on the bottom of every side. Feedback is highly appreciated just as to share it with your theosophical and none-theosophical friends.

Thanks. And know I wish you an interesting reading and a peaceful spring.

With kind regards from Germany

Steven Otto
Editor of Theosophy World News

Please share your thoughts and get published here in the next issue or leave a comment at the opened comment-section at the end of the side or at Facebook. Sign up this Newsletter, it's free.

There are eight sections:

News from Theosophical Societies

The Blavatsky Lodge in London get a new Website designed by Erica Georgiades, nice to look, modern and fully responsive. After eighteen years, the Northwest Branch is ceasing publication of its newsletter. ITC 2016-Campaign has started, you can register here, see also the event-block on the right sidebar. On the website of TS (Adyar) Philipines some pictures were added

The TS (Adyar) in Australia brought some news to the world: a video about the TS, an article from The Theosophist, Volume 137 No. 6, March 2016 named Passion, Dispassion, and Compassion, videos from the 2016 National Convention, held 16-23 January at University Hall in Perth with the theme “Today’s World Problems: Insights from the Wisdom Tradition” and of course the magazine, see on the magazine-block on the right sidebar.

The First Encounter of North America took place in march in the City of Cholula, Puebla, México with the theme "Applying the Principles of the Ageless Wisdom" the theme, an event from the TS (Adyar) in America and Mexico under the direction of Mr. Tim Boyd and of course new videos in the video blog of the president of TS Adyar were published.

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News from theosophical sites

Blavatsky Theosophy UK

Theosophy Watch

Theosophy Forward

Book of Dzyan Research

Sons of Fire

Do I forget a site? Then give me a note, Thanks. And don't forget to have a look at the current free theosophical magazines on the right sidebar.
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News related to Theosophy from none-theosophical sites

The New York Times published story about Belinda Sinclair, a "magician" in Manhatten, with "the largest library in the world of female magician ephemera” that see Mde. Blavatsky as the "most prominent spiritualist of the era" (HPB condemned practical magic) and therefore an interesting article from the NY Times archive (1877) was linked, where an evening at Mde. Blavatskys "cozy apartments in West Forty-seventh-street" is described (pdf).

Did you know that Madame Blavatsky appeared as an antagonistic element in the Comic "Baltimore: The Curse Bells" from Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy? More about at

Google celebrated the 112ndbirth anniversary of Rukmini Devi Arundale, a pioneering dancer of the 1930s, and a visionary institution-builder who built a public cultural and educational centre known as Kalakshetra, whose father was a Sanskrit scholar and an ardent Theosophist, enlarged the intellectual dimensions of his orthodox family by exposing them to the humanist ideals of Theosophy. Read more at The Hindu.

At the Daily News you can read an article about the European warrior of the modern Buddhist mission, Henry Steele Olcott.

In Rotterdam a "A Mental Image—Blavatsky Observatory" by Santiago Borja (made possible by a generous contribution from the Mondriaan Fund) was built with traditional roof thatching, and it is devoted to Helena Blavatsky. It will provide a place of contemplation for visitors to Sonneveld House from February 13 to May 22, 2016 ( reported).

In Stockholm at "Magasin III Museum & Foundation for Contemporary Art" a exhibition with Christine Ödlund, a contemporary theosophy-inspirated swedish artist, takes place during 2016, named Aether & Einstein. ( reported).

Swarajya Magazin asked What Russian Writers Learnt From India and among all the well known russian artists, some theosophical inspirated with their relation to Theosophy can be found, f.e. Khlebnikov or Tolstoy.

The Chicago Tribune published a critic about the Exhibition named Intention to Know: The Thought Forms of Annie Besant that takes place in Chicago at the Stony Island Arts Bank through March, see for more informationen the exhibitoins website.

At London’s Serpentine Gallery, Augustin Macellari explores the mystical abstraction of Swedish theosophical inspirated artist Hilma Af Klint, whose extraordinary canvases preceded Kandinsky by half a decade, read about here, here, here or in The Guardian

Some more echo of the exhibition of the Paintings of Canadian Theosophy inspirated Artist Lawren Harris promoted by Steve Martin (we reported in our last issue) can be found at Boston Globe, The Huffington Post, The Standard or here and here

Blaming Theosophy as an Irreligion, as a Luciferian Cult from those, how think, the view katholic interpretation of Lucifer is correct (like the 6,000 years age of earth) and think, that Blavatsky is the Dark God of Progressive Spirituality, wrong to, but nothing new from this author.
Also there are some (new?) effort, to connect Theosophy not only to Facism (f.e. here), but also to practial magic, that is clearly condemmend by Theosophy, f.e. (beside the NYT-story above) here and here

As one of the Places Every Woman Should Go In 2016 the Krotona Institute of Theosophy is recommend from

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Theosophical Videos

Also some new videos were published, f.e. Theosophy - Helena Blavatsky - Secret Teachings or Mark Passio about Theosophyn and for sure you know the active Theosophy-Channels with many many more theosophical videos on Youtube, like
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