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Do you know the englisch physican Dr. Oscar Brunler (1894-1952)? He is known for his Scientific Philosophy of Evolution based on experiments with "brain-radiation". The result of his...

Mercury, dotted with typical cratering impacts, at least if we are to believe the modern cosmology. (Copyright: NASA / Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory / Carnegie Institution of Washington, Source:

This exemplary example of modern science (here specifically only cosmology!) shows us at least three things very clear: 1) No matter how stupid and illogical scientific theories are, they are as...

Has it become cold, dark and lonely at the Western family? Where are the glory days of big families? (Picture: Steven Otto)

This article is summarized translation of a three-parted article-series based on serveral books about the history of family, that I published here on my blog in german.   Early periods: natural...
the fire

The fire: It has always been a symbol of the divine and the divine was, inter alia, always thought of the union of all virtues in it's greatest perfection. (Picture: Steven Otto)

In general I speaking about the abstinence of everthing unreasonable and this is not a question of definition of unreason. Ask yourself honestly in all conscience and you get the right answer, f.e....
Prometheus, dresden old town

We can make us happier, if we make the angel in us happier. In this picture you see a nice detail in the Old Town of Dresden (City in Saxony, Germany). (Photo: Steven Otto)

Wikipedia informs us about this philosophy as follows: The philosophy of happiness is an umbrella term for the various philosophical approaches to explaining the nature of happiness, as well as how...
plasma cosmoloy

"In the beginning was... plasma..." a quote from Hannes Alfven (1908-1995), swedish physicist and father of the plasma cosmology during his Nobel prize speech. (Picture: Steven Otto)

Do you ever heard of the electric universe, the electric sun or stars, of plasma physics or plasma cosmology? No? But as a Theosophist, you heard probably from Fohat also called the electricity of...

Do we follow the right path?

On November 17, 2014 Theosophical Society (TS) celebrates anniversary, because on this day 139 years ago, the TS was founded in New York; not only for Theosophists a milestone, because this was...
Vernon Harrison was born in Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, England in March 1912. He published several scientific papers and held a PhD from the University of Birmingham, where he read Physics,...
Theosophical Movement - Work in progress...

What's wrong, do we follow the right path? This distortion of a theosophical symbol was originated with a heavy heart and the article itself is not about a TS or individuals, it's about the Theosophical Movement generally.

In many places within the original modern theosophical teachings it becomes obviously, that "ethics [of Buddha] are the soul of the Wisdom-Religion.." and - I quote Madame Helena Petrovna...
This is a pleading, that we Theosophists take more care of our reputation, means, that we should more fight against the lies about theosophy and it's protagonists. Theosophy is committed above...


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