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Dear friend of Theosophy,

I've just published the first "Theosophy World News"-Newsletter, so have a look to see what's new in the theosophical world:

There you will find a collection of over 60 theosophy-related news or articles from the last three months on the following topics: theme of the quarter: the election of the international president of the TS-Adyar (5), current magazine-issues (6), articles on theosophical sites (27), articles on non-theosophical sites (5), videos (5), upcoming international and nationwide events (10) and articles on new books (3).

You can save a lot of time with this compact overview and I would appreciate your visit very much as well.

I remain faithfully yours

Steven Otto

PS: If you think this is useful, please help to promote this project and forward this email to your theosophy-related friends, who should register for this absolutely free quarterly non-commercial newsletter service here:

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On this site you can also find an international theosophy section and the quarterly "International Theosophy World News"-Newsletter.