The disgrace of materialism or: the main task of the theosophical movement

Today's modern western society lifes with an unimaginable large and fateful disgrace, so large, that it seems to be invisible!

Nature – without human beings – proves this to us. Animals take only as much food, as they need for physical survival. Generally they take as much out of the natural circulation, as they need for a survival. And therefore, in nature dominate perfect harmony. The free-living animal is usually sick only once, just before it dies. Nature is self-sustaining and each of its creatures is normally sufficiently well aided and all this, because animals are selfless. Selflessness or altruism is a virtue, that is essential to keep the natural harmony. And the same valid for the human being, because he is a part of nature.

But the man eats and drinks often more than he needs to physical survival. He consumes additional luxury food in a tremendous dimension, which are not only unnecessary, but also very often destructive for physical survival. This is a gigantic waste of natural resources. The man consumes also a lot of things for his vanity. This is largely unnecessary for a reasonable survival and also a gigantic waste of natural resources. Every technical device which will be replaced, even though it still works, perhaps because of new gadgets or to keep oneself in vogue, is a gigantic waste of natural resources. And not least much of what is only used for convenience is largely unnecessary for a reasonable survival and also a gigantic waste of natural resources. Luxury is a addiction of dissipation or a dependency of wasting natural resources! That's just the tip of a large iceberg of shame, the disgrace of the materialistic society.

Do you have an idea, how much resources the man is wasting a day, a year, a human life, a gerenation, in your land, your continent or the whole earth? Can we find such a tremendous waste of natural resources in nature itself? If altruism creates harmony, what do we sow day after day? And what do you mean, what we will reap?

It’s obvious for each, that a completely selfish society will sooner or later end in perfect chaos and also, that a completely selfless society will sooner or later live in perfect harmony. And what do we see in the Western society? Correct, the fruit of selfishness – disharmony in many shapes.

And please note, I often said unnecessary for reasonable survival, because it's not about getting back to live as in the Stone Age, but to avoid unnecessary waste of natural ressources and live nevertheless cultured and really civilized.

The point is, that today there is a quite unconcerned wastefulness of resources by this materialistic society in a horrible dimension. It is very well known, that the nature very intelligent overcome their problems, and if a society is a problem in nature, then this society sooner or later must face the very sad consequences. There are not only secular laws, to which we have to answer for us, but also spiritual laws. And if we do not follow the eternal moral laws (virtues), then comes the suffering. Beginning, growth, decay and end, the natural cycles come and go, but this society will neither have a long life, nor a peaceful end. This is evident so far. And what is true in the large scale for all of us within this society, applies also in a smaller scale for each individual.

It is known, that, in accordance with the theosophical teachings, the one who does not practice altruism, is no Theosophist. It is also no secret, that the basis of the theosophical doctrine is the soul-ennobling esoteric philosophy of Siddartha Buddha, primarily a teaching of the highest morals and ethics. The Theosopichal Movement was not only founded to become the Brotherhood of Humanity, but a significant other reason. Who don't know or has forgotten this, I refer to the readable article by H. P. Blavatsky “The Theosophical Society: Its Mission and Its Future”.

It is very clear in this article, that the theosophical movement is pledged especially to combat vice and egoism and to the struggle for a more moral society. And it is also clear, that if the theosophical movement does not lead this fight - fight here in the sense to convince people, it is better for the individual and for society to live very virtuous, so that they live very virtuous - it will die in the Western-World, because the adore brotherhood of the East, whom we owe our wisdom, sees in this fight the most important task for the theosophical movement and this is the reason, why we get the sacred theosophical teachings at all.

If all live a virtuous life, the universal brotherhood of humanity has come true!

Please spread or copy and use this text or the idea behind it for your own, to make a beginning. Clarify the people about the disgrace of materialism and it's consequences if we do not become more virtuous and also about the main task of the theosophical movement: the struggle for a more virtuous world.

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