Sensation: Modern physics proves theosophical cosmology!

Another step to the brighter tomorrow: The radical revolution of todays astronomy is rung in.
plasma cosmoloy

"In the beginning was... plasma..." a quote from Hannes Alfven (1908-1995), swedish physicist and father of the plasma cosmology during his Nobel prize speech. (Picture: Steven Otto)

Do you ever heard of the electric universe, the electric sun or stars, of plasma physics or plasma cosmology? No? But as a Theosophist, you heard probably from Fohat also called the electricity of life? And what does this have to do with each other?

Out there is a usual scientific modell of the universe, the solar system and stars - which is based on Einstein's theories of relativity and pure mathematics - that come along with many inapprehensible, weird and not seldom paradox theories, as the theories of black holes, dark matter and so on - that produce more and more questions and confusion, as to give answers. For example: Do you believe everything can be included in nothing? Mmm. sound strange, or not? But that paradox phrase describes exactly the so called "Singularity" at the beginning of the modern "scientific" cosmogenesis, where matter is generated from nothing und the universe creates itself by itself. Unlocigal and therefore impossible, or do we need not ingredients, to create something and is it not a stupidity to postulate, something can create itself by itself? Modern Science do so, and consequential also it's protagonists, f.e. Mr. S. Hawkins in this article, and with this "ex nihilo"-creation he is in one boat with the curch. By the way, the inventor of the Big Bang Theory was the catholic priest Georges Lemaître (no, it's not a joke, but it explains a lot).

However, more important, there is also an alternative scientific modell of the universe, the solar system and stars out there - which is based on laboratory experiments (instead of mathematical theories) and plasma physics, on electromagnetism and electricity - that come along with clear answers and proved facts, easy to understand and yes, absolutely brilliant! I almost fell off my chair, as I heard first about it and it's details. F.e. do you know, that over 99 % of the known matter in the universe is in a plasma-condition, the fourth physical state above the gaseous? Do you know, that the electromagnetical force is 10^39 times stronger than gravitiy, the latter the main force in the usual modell of cosmology? Or do you know, that the origin formation of stars and galaxys is alreday known and easily explained and simulated in laboratory experiments (instead of weird paradox theorys)?

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If you go deeper in this alternative model of cosmology, you recognize, that the usual modell is more than outdated (almost a childish nonsense) and the revolution of modern astronomy has began (already more than half a century ago). Further and more important for Theosophy, this electrical modell of our universe affirmed the cosmology of modern Theosophy, because in both views, plasma, electricity and magnetism plays a major role in the manifested life of this universe (instead of gravity and dust), so it is, like Madame Blavatsky wrote over 120 years ago! And that's not all.

Of course, Theosophy add to this "electricity of live" or "Fohat" also the quality of intelligence, a fact, that the rising alternative modell of astronomy doesn't do, but thats not a problem, because modern science, here in the part of astronomy based on physics, makes currently a great step toward truth, and Theosophy is very happy about, to meet this part of science soon, to go the rest of the way together.

But we also know how hard it is to overcome dogma and modern science has become partly very dogmatic (think about, why you not heard of this incredible alternative scientific view). Today's science ignores unflinching this wonderful and scientifically proven theory of the electric universe since decades, because to acknowledge that, would also mean, the last 100 years of modern astronomy to be regarded as the biggest waste of time in science at all. Not easy, but it will come so, no doubt, the solutions that this alternative modell offers are too impressive in its simplicity, genius and mainly of it's physical proves!

And If you are familiar with this topic of the electric modell of the universe and the stars etc., you will understand why.

Plasma cosmology based on plasma physics Is of course a wide field. Maybe you want to start with some videos, to get a first little overview, so perhaps this helps:

Some Videos on Youtube:

Or a websites:

For German readers I suggest to visit:

Or search by yourself for the referred keywords in this article.

From my point of view this topic should find of course more observance in the theosophical movement. It is a very important development, not only with regard to the credibility of modern Theosophy, but also because thereby (a unique and realy great opportunity!) many so far not known new insights into the theosophical cosmology can be experienced and I do not promise too much.

Madame Blavatsky would have certainly investigate it in detail and written many articles about this good news and lectured, and so their followers, so let's begin...


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