How science fools us

Modern science makes itself highly ridiculous, at least for self-thinking people. You need proof? Here it is!

Mercury, dotted with typical cratering impacts, at least if we are to believe the modern cosmology. (Copyright: NASA / Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory / Carnegie Institution of Washington, Source:

This exemplary example of modern science (here specifically only cosmology!) shows us at least three things very clear:

  • 1) No matter how stupid and illogical scientific theories are, they are as ever easy believed by the people, because science can not err?!?!
  • 2) Today's science is already again become as dogmatic as it was in the Middle Ages, when the truth was ignored and repressed.
  • 3) How important skepticism is (also against established perspectives) and simple, common sense.

So here is the evidence:

It's about lunar craters, whether on the satellite of the Earth or other planets, all of them are heavily cratered and almost all lunar craters were explained by the impact of meteorites (Source: Wiki).

You can see this very nice on our moon, but also to other celestial objects, and all these craters have one thing in common: They have a circular shape and no remains of meteors, see the introductory picture of Mercury.

A circular crater shape is created without any doubt if a more or less circular meteorite impact perpendicular to the surface. But what a probability is that all meteorites are more or less circular and all strike perpendicular to the surface and even all disappear without a trace? Please look at the image of Mercury again very closely, all craters have circular shapes and contain any remnants of meteorites!!!

The vast majority of meteorites should definitely not hit with exactly 90 degrees to the surface, they should have a shape deviating from the spherical shape and it should still be seen a few remnants?!?! And therefore also very different craters or crater forms should be seen on the moon surface, if this crater are meteoroid impacts.

So the current theory of crater formation is quite obvious nonsense and most of people believe it without any reflection.

And it's your turn, to answer the question, whether our modern cosmologists are really so stupid, not to realize that, or that they maybe have other reasons, to remain silent about this obvious madness.

plasma cosmoloyAnd yes, there is a simple and logical alternative theory, which is steadfastly ignored by modern cosmology. And this  alternative theory can not only explain this and many other phenomena, but also underpin with physical evidence.

Because this universe consists not only of dust and the prevailing force is not gravity, but this is an "electric universe" full of plasma, in which act primarily electromagnetic forces. I have explained it further in my article "Sensation: Modern Physics Proves Theosophical cosmology" from a theosophical perspective with further informations.



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