Calling all Theosophists of the 21st century

This is a text that I have sent at the beginning of the year 2014 to many theosophical associations worldwide.

Dear friends of Theosophy,

I'm 37 years, from Germany and I'm almost a decade of managing my own small company. And I try to be a good theosophist based on the teachings of Madame H.P. Blavatsky.

Please, we have to wake up! I quote from the third Volume of The Secret Doctrine, p. 23:

The justification (...) of theosophy and its archaic science pushes slowly but steadily up the heart of the society (...) And, whether by phenomenon or miracle, the Theosophy must triumph (...) before the end of the twenty-first century "AD".

Did she not say in the preface of the Secret Doctrin, that this work is for future generations? Did she not say at the end of the second book, that her Job is, to prepare the ground?

Do you believe in the Secret Doctrine? Do you believe in Theosophy and it's roots? Can Theosophy be wrong?

There are now already less than 90 years until the end of the 21st Century!

It took over 100 years to break the crusted ground, but now, dear friends, it IS prepared. We, our children and grandchildren are the generations that have to order this field now! It is up to us now, to
carry on the sacred task of Theosophy! We are part of this future! Spring has already begun! We must sow!

Have you heard from the transition to the age of Aquarius, a more spiritual period, a new world-month of the Platon- or great-year (1)? Do you feel that the times become more spiritual? These more spiritual times have already begun. Theosophy writes it to the stars, in our books and in our hearts!

Theosophy will triumph in the next 90 years, no doubt, but how?

The transition to a new period always means a radical change. This materialistic society, in which we live, will soon experience a very cruel collapse. That is karma. And the sons of wisdom and their helpers will help those, which lives morally, as they always did, since we can think!

We must be reasonable and prepared!

We need to be independent of this materialistic system, so that, when the last hour has struck for this unreasonable system and it collapses, we can operate free, independent, to help people and to work for Theosophy furthermore!

I for my part establish a little independently theosophical farming community, living in the countryside, as self-catering, avoid using electricity and machines, break down all my debts, pursuing preventive, invest a substantial portion of pension of paper money in gold bullion. I will have my family and people around me and we will live Theosophy! We will be an independent cell in the organism of a forming, alternative form of society, which is not only to compete alongside the then adjusted or purified materialistic society, no, this new theosophical society must triumph!

I belief, the children of our grandchildren will be able to recognize a little this alternative, spiritual, theosophical society already, which is independent of the materialistic system, because we, dear friends of Theosophy, have sown! The coming about 2000 years of the Aquarian Age will be dominated by Theosophy!


(1) see or


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